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Financial Benefits

Improving the profitability of your business

BRS truck contract hire solutions can help to improve the profitability of your business!

Do you already operate a commercial fleet?  Is it ageing?

This can place a real burden on your cash flow, as there are increased instances of breakdowns and repair costs. The cost of replacement can be a significant drain on your finances and cash flow planning.

Transport not your core business?

Concentrate your finances on your core business and let BRS provide the transport logistics to get your product to market or into your distribution network.

Whatever the case, with BRS contract hire, virtually all of the costs associated with your transport operations can be consolidated into a single package at a fixed monthly fee.

The financial benefits of a BRS contract hire solution:

  • An off-balance sheet solution to preserve your funding capacity
  • A reduction in your financial risks
  • All inclusive fixed monthly costs
  • No hidden extras
  • Effective operational management to help you control your activity and costs
  • Fuel efficient vehicles for reduced costs
  • Freedoms to cost effectively manage your business growth

To find out more about the BRS contract hire offer, and how we can add value for you, contact us now or call 01926 475333.